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Spring Season

This season generally starts on the Saturday that starts April vacation for the schools and runs through to the second or third weekend in June.

Tee Ball (4&5)
Games are played on Saturday mornings, practice are held one night a week and are at the coach's discretion. 
Games and practices are played on Stuart Field at the HBB/MKG Complex.
The purpose for this league is for the players to have fun and get a general feel for playing baseball.

Instructional Leagues (6&7)
This represents our "Instructional League". 
Games and practices are played on Peter's Field at the HBB/MKG Complex.
The focus for this group is still learning the basics of the game, and understanding how to play. No scores or standings are kept for this league. The end of the season there is a tournament style playoff on our Field of Dreams.
AA (7&8)
This is a league designed to introduce our 7 and 8 year old players to 6 inning games with live scoring and pitching.
For 8 year old players this is the first time they will be eligible for Summer All Stars and play competitive games against other towns throughout the month of July.

AAA (9-12)
9s who choose to not try out for majors or do not get drafted to a majors roster will play in this division.
10s and 11s can continue to develop skills before moving up to majors.
12s who are not interested in playing in the majors can still play AAA as long as they are not a risk to injure other players. 12 year old players are not allowed to pitch in AAA under ANY circumstance.
Majors (9-12)
Ages 9-12 compete at a higher level. Once your player is drafted to a team he or she will stay with that team through age 12.
Tryouts are competitive and there are limited spots available on each roster to replace 12 year old's who aged out of the league.  Tryouts are typically held in the fall and everyone of age is encouraged to attend.
All 12s who try out will be drafted, no other age group has that guarantee for this league. 
All players in this league are eligible for summer All Stars. 

Seniors (13-16)
This league is our last league for youth baseball. We combine with a few other surrounding towns so that we can expand the number of teams in the league. Players in this league are eligible for Summer All Stars too should there be enough interest for a summer team.

Challenger (4-18)
Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate. If an individual can participate in the traditional Little League Baseball reasonable accommodations they should do so. The Little League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 4-18, or up to age 22 if still enrolled in school.

Challenger Senior (15+)

The Senior League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 15 and above (no maximum age).

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